Why should I become an accredited AIOVT trainer?

If you have the right interpersonal skills and the relevant industry experience we would love to meet you. We can turn you into a great trainer and facilitator. If you value high levels of job satisfaction as well as the opportunity to make a real difference to a participant’s lives, then consider becoming an accredited AIOVT trainer and facilitator.

Where is the course?

Our courses are facilitated in convenient city locations, close to public transport. See Upcoming Courses [link to page] for map locations.

Who are the trainers?

We are the premium provider of the Certificate IV in Training & Assessment in Australia, and we only employ the best trainers. Our strict selection criteria ensures that our students are taught only by industry experts who have a successful and longstanding background in vocational training.

What chance do I have of getting work?

There are huge opportunities for great facilitators and trainers in Australia today. You will be able to deliver nationally accredited qualifications in your field of expertise.

Why should I choose you?

At AIOVT we are passionate about our industry. We strive to be the best. To this end, we have invested large amounts of time and energy examining the industry – asking questions and speaking to experts to ultimately identify the gaps. We have created a program that ensures that people who complete the Certificate IV in Training & Assessment (TAE 40110) will match the vocational industry needs.

Too many times we have seen participants completing the TAE 40110 who do not have the confidence or the skills required to be an effective trainer and facilitator.

We at AIOVT believe that it is imperative that as a facilitator you must effectively engage with your student. This is extremely difficult with an online platform.

What does the course include?

Each participant will attend 8 days of training – 5 days in the first week and 4 days in the second. You will learn how to plan for training and assessment activities in a range of settings, from workplace assessing to classroom facilitation. You will have the chance to learn from our industry’s best facilitators. You will be empowered with the confidence and skills to be a leader in the vocational training industry.

What happens after the course?

The setup of our Certificate IV in Training & Assessment course ensures that you are empowered with the confidence and ability to be a great trainer and facilitator. Ongoing support means you will have the very best chance of securing work once accredited.

What courses does AIOVT deliver?

TAE 40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment – including LL&N
LL&N upgrade: self-paced online or one day classroom workshop
Advanced Trainer Program

When can I start?

View  our next available courses.

What is a vocational trainer?

A vocational trainer is not someone who merely holds a certificate saying so. A great vocational trainer is someone who has passion for their job, strives for excellence, has the ability to read and understand each and every participant, and adjusts the facilitation style to accommodate the needs of these non-compulsory learners. They are alive, enthusiastic and, above all, a likeable person who can relate and engage every walk of life.

What kind of work can I expect to get?

Usually work starts off sporadically until one can prove themselves in a variety of settings. The more experience and formal qualifications someone has, the more they have an opportunity to facilitate a broader scope of required training.

Why should I pay more to do a course face-to-face when I could do one online?

Doing an online course is unlikely to provide you with the confidence to train a group of people. When you do a course with us at AIOVT, you will be enjoying the experience with some of Australia’s best facilitators, who will impart their years of knowledge to teach you how to stand out in the crowd. If you prove yourself during the course, we can assist you with professional development opportunities as well as potentially sourcing work for you.

Will I be job ready at the end of my course?

Here at AIOVT, we help you become 100% job ready and assist you in securing work.